A Maglie Larghe is the 4th edition of a performing arts festival.

This year subtitle is #meltingPot that, not coincidentally, involves artists from different arts fields: contemporary dance, dance theater with live music, children’s shows and performances regarding the nature and man relationship.


This festival features national artists such as Siro Guglielmi, Chiara Zilli, Maristella Tanzi and Francesca Giglio with the long-standing company Qualibò, together with a work produced by Factor Hill.

Local dance schools will be involved for the second year, holding workshops where new body practices will be explored.


The Network Internazionale di Pedagogia della danza in Puglia (International network of dance pedagogy in Apulia) will be directed by Ezio Schiavulli, providing for the realization of an artistic residency #PERMANENZaRTISTICA featuring the international artist Natalie Wagner from Switzerland who will be hanging out in the spaces of Rigenera Laboratorio Urbano for a new creation with two dancers.


Shows for kids will also be there (15 of December: save the date!).

As usual, there will be TALKS with the artists after the performance: moments where artists and spectators will have the chance to meet , share and talk.


News of the year: besides the #PERMANENZaRTISTICA (artistic residency), Sonenalé company will be attending the residency sharing their enthusiasm and a common vision. They will joins us and share with our project the challenge of involving as many people as possible.


“We decided not to stop and to believe in the strength of enthusiasm, creativity, within a small provincial town. The drive for this festival is the desire not to give up and harvest as much as possible from nature, from the kids' pure souls, from the wonderful diversity that surrounds us and the infinite possibilities that physics and chemistry offer us. We talk about #meltingPot as we don't want to miss a single opportunity, a chance for everyone, without exclusion. We dance like animals, we get lost in our own footsteps, floating in elusive abstractions. I like the possibility of being able to offer visions in their beauty, just as they are or they are not


_Alessandra Gaeta_

Artistic Director

Natalie Wagner has been working as an international choreographer for years now. She created several contemporary short and long movies. Her last solo is called "I WISH" debuting at Solo Contemporary Dance Festival in Ankara in 2018, later presented for the first time in Germany in 2019 at the Hellerau-European Center of the Arts. Meanwhile, she created the men’s trio Diapason as part of her training studies at Palucca Hochschule für Tanz of Dresden which was presented for the first time in Switzerland on the Bauhaus centenary and then went on a tour in Berlin and for the 28th International Week of Dance in Dresden with the choreography of "The Merry Widow" for the Stadttheater Biel / Solothurn, "The Last Five Years" for the Gerhard-Hauptmann-Theater and "Chicago" and "Flash Dance" for Lle ThéâtreKriens.


Her contemporary, experimental and peculiar tastes connected her with commercial projects. Through a long-term collaboration with the Dancing Bear Productions, an agency of Cologne, she choreographed events for Porsche and Hugo Boss, among other names.

She graduated from the Swiss National Ballet School and the Arts University of Zurich, and attended training courses in the United States, in Paris and in Israel. She was granted a sabbatical period of 6 months in 2015 at the ODC of San Francisco, sponsored by the Department of Culture of Zurich. She has worked and collaborated with choreographers and companies such as Zaccho Dance-Theater (USA), Adi Salant (Israel), Lior Lev (DE / Israel), Noa Zuk (Israel), Katja Grässli (NL / CH), Charlotta Övferhom ( SE) and Jérôme Bel (FR). She is permanently working with Gerhart-Hauptmann-Theater of Görlitz and as a guest at the Zurich Opera House (Kinsun Chan and Phillip Egli) and at the Stadttheater Giessen (DE), Stadttheater Biel / Solothurn (CH).

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Bees. In geometric directions, vibrations, passing from stage to stage, from construction to perdition, to a never fully explored desire. Bees are so similar to human beings, having their flight against the wind as a common ground.  

Yellow Limbo (literally on the edge) is a special space reserved to tasting, to the desire of tasting the movement in a partial way. A hint of yellow to be passed around like a ball.

A small celebration of the natural line of investigation between body-vibration-sound-magnetism-vision. What is the goal? Being suspended, high up in the air.



Danzatrice, performer, author from Apulia.

Founder of Factor Hill, an arts collective based in Palo del Colle (BA). Artistic director of the Performing Arts festival 'A Maglie Larghe', an event having its headquarters in RIGENERA, an urban laboratory in Palo del Colle, in the province of Bari.

She graduated from the school Paolo Grassi in Milan, from which she was awarded a scholarship for the ADF at the DUKE UNIVERSITY in North Carolina (USA) and obtained the certification in Movement Pedagogy in Rome.

She danced in Archipelago Theater, an American company directed by Ellen Hemphill.

She dances as a performer for the company Sonenalé and with/for several Apulian authors including Angelo Petracca and Alessia Lovreglio.

She is the author of 'Twin3' (2012)- 'Dita di Miele' (2016), 'Yellow Limbo' (2019), co-author of 'Zona3' (2017) together with the VGA group composed by Claudia Gesmundo and Alessia Lovreglio.



Dancer, performer and choreographer. Graduated from the Atelier of Teatrodanza of the Scuola d' Arte Drammatica - Paolo Grassi.

Since 2014 , she has been working for the U.S. company of JONAH BOKAER dancing in numerous festivals, museums and important theaters such as Festival dei 2 Mondi of Spoleto, Soluna Festival (USA), Brisbane Festival (Australia), Biennale De La Danse of Lyon (France), Next Wave Festival at BAM in NY, Guggenheim Museums in NY, Jacob's Pillow Dance (USA), Teatro dell'arte (IT), Teatro Strehler/Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato (IT), Teatro Elfo Puccini/MilanOltre Festival, La Triennale (IT).

She collaborates with Compagnia Teatrale of Milan, Guinea Pigs, Erika Schipa, Alessandra Gaeta/FACTOR HILL; besides being a dancer, she is also a contemporary dance/theatre dance teacher in the new training center in Lecce ATF/atelier teatro fisico.



Dancer for different companies (Abbondanza/Bertoni, Tommaso Monza, Tamara Cubas) and choreographer. She graduated as a Contemporary Dance Teacher in Paris. She has been working since 2017 with Alessandra Gaeta and is a member of the Factor Hill Collective.



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Tutina is a little world explorer.

The deer is wary, searches all around and sniffs the air....

Birds of a feather flock together! Tutina and the deer flock a lot together. Clear, first they have to sniff each other, look and get close to one another and understand each other. But then, being together is a great joy!

Tutina e il Cervo is a little story made up of discoveries, narrated with a simple, funny and poetic style. Designed for kids aged from 2 to 5, it revolves around the pleasure of discovering and meeting through the body expression and the use of everyday objects. (Dance theater)

Tutina e il Cervo is about children's natural inclination to explore. Curiosity turns into astonishment and wonder, trust and openness into encounter. A small journey in which boys and girls will be able to recognize their vital impulse and willingness to adventure.

Tutina e il Cervo is a show freely inspired by the series of Tutino, the protagonist of 5 illustrated books (Tutino e il vento- National Award Nati per Leggere 2016, Tutino e la pozzanghera, Tutino e l'albero, Tutino ha un po' di fame, Tutino non ha sonno) written by Lorenzo Clerici and published by Minibombo, a well-known publishing house with a strong vocation for storytelling dedicated to children.

The cultural association QuaLiBò_Visioni di (p)Arte, based in the city of Bari, was founded in February 2002 by Lisa Masellis in collaboration with Francesca Giglio and Maristella Tanzi, dancers and choreographers, and Adolfo La Volpe, musician and composer. This decision was the result of a journey started in 1992.

Among the shows realized, we would like to remind: "Sur", finalist of Premio Scenario 2005 and winner of the Audience Award; "Primo sale", co-production 2007 QuaLiBò / CAPa - Centro de Artes Performativas do Algarve - Portugal / Regione Puglia; "N-esimo progetto fallimentare", winner of the GD'A- Puglia Award 2011; "Out of the blue", finalist to the GD'A- Puglia Award 2011; "Semplice danza in levare", co-production QuaLiBò- Sosta Palmizi 2018.

Over the years, QuaLiBò has created, produced, trained events and promotion of the public. All these activities merged into Visioni di (p)arte, an international festival of contemporary dance and performing arts. In ten years of activity (Teatro Kismet OperA 2006 - 2015), Visioni di (p)arte gave birth for the first time to a dance community in the region Apulia. From 2008 to 2016, in partnership with the Association Tra il dire e il fare, QuaLiBò organized the dance festival Visioni di (p)arte. From 2008 to 2016, in partnership with the Association Tra il dire e il fare, QuaLiBò edited the dance festival (program and training) of the Municipal Theatre of Ruvo di Puglia within the project Teatri Abitati. Supported and produced by Regione Puglia, the Municipality of Bari, Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, Dansystem, CAPA- Centro Arti Performative dell'Algarve, Rete Teatri Abitati, Teatro Kismet OperA, TRIC- Consorzio dei Teatri di Bari and relying on numerous local and external synergies, QuaLiBò and the Festival Visioni di (p)arte have been recognized as Eccellenze Regionali (Regional Excellencies) in programming and in the specialized training of dancers and audience training within the Apulian dance system. After the festival experience, the group's activity changed availing itself of new precious collaborations and projects. In line with the activity of training, creation and production, QuaLiBò has also involved kids and traditional Chinese martial arts in its activities. Since 2014, in collaboration with the association BoaOnda, she dedicated herself to Artistic and Social Movement Pedagogy with projects aimed at public schools and all those places sensitive to childhood issues. In 2016, she started teaching Tai chi chuan as well as a research activity between dance and martial arts. The latest productions of the group are Semplice danza in levare (co-produced with Sosta Palmizi) and, dedicated to childhood, Tutina e il cervo (for 3-5 year old kids).

When creating this show, we started from the experience of childhood. We decided to use a non-verbal language, based on a deep, physical, joyful, empathic and intuitive relationship. Words are almost completely absent, style is simple and immediate with a colorful scene made up of everyday objects used in a non-didactic way.

The story is narrated in a rhythmical and musical way, with actions and interactions with the objects from the scene. We have tried to reduce the use of music to the most essential moments. We believe that, in this way, children are more easily able to grasp the details and to empathize with the bodies of the dancers. The visual, emotional and meaningful experience is exalted by silence thus highlighting the poetic value of small things.

Tutina e il Cervo creates a world open to the imagination in which young spectators could project their inner world (emotions, acquired skills and any kind of experience that is part of their baggage) to build a personal and meaningful plot. An original and intimate experience lived together.

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 “"Shirtless, wearing tight shorts, the dancer seeks a spontaneous and playful , yet elegant and controlled movement: free and disarticulated steps go together with ironic and caricatured postures in a choreography that blurs the whole story and deviates the spectators with continuous changes."

"Pink Elephant2 is about dancing around a beloved object, looking and longing for it. Desire is what drives individuals, attracts them and determines their gaze, it is the drive of our movement, looking for expression and completeness from a male body. It is a dance that is never still, incessant, but light and full of grace, the expression of a necessary journey, of a track to follow.”



Born in November 8, 1992 in Vicenza.

He completed his training as a dancer at the Scuola del Balletto di Toscana in Florence.

He has danced for the youth company Junior Balletto di Toscana, with the Teatro Maggio Musicale Fiorentino in Magda, for DanceCyprus, for the Israeli choreographer Itamar Serussi Sahar and for the Balletto di Roma company from 2015 to 2017.

He attended the professional training course DanceMakers2, supported by the Veneto Region, in Bassano del Grappa CSC, developing his choreographic research and creative practice.

Since 2017, his first work P!nk Elephant has been presented in numerous theaters and site-specific venues, in festivals such as Opera Estate Festival Veneto, Interplay Torino, Bolzano Danza and the Young Dance D'Autore showcase.

His work was selected, presented and promoted by the Italian network Anticorpi XL.

He worked as a teacher for different professional environments, both in Italy and abroad.

He was produced and supported by:

Associazione Culturale Zebra, CSC centro per la scena contemporanea in Bassano del Grappa, Teatros del Canal (Madrid), Italian Cultural Institute of Madrid.

In 2018 he was invited to perform “One” in Teatros del Canal of Madrid for a first creative residency, during which he was offered a professional training, a first public presentation and an opportunity of sharing with the public.

“One” was selected by DNAppunti choreografici 2018.

He continues his collaboration as a dancer with other authors and in 2018 he was involved in the artistic creations of the choreographers Andrea Costanzo Martini and Silvia Gribaudi.

In 2018, he is the Italian artist chosen for Duo à trois voix / Duetto a tre voci, a research and creation project in partnership between CSC - Bassano del Grappa and Circuit-Est centre choréographique Montréal, together with the Canadian choreographer Marie Beland and playwright Ginelle Chagnon.

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HOME2.0 is a choreographic study that investigates about loss. It is a danced process chasing the leads of the mute zones of the body and creeping through the tiny cracks of its armors. This process is triggered by the physical proximity of another human being, under the guise of a possible relationship, and by the threads of music woven by his/her instrument, which carelessly call to life. This journey winds along the paths of an invisible map, the Coque Rouge Dans la Nuit by Marc Chagall, painted by the author a few months after the death of his wife Bella.


Home 2.0 is part of Cantieri Coreografici di Libero Corpo Pro, promoted by Menhir, Giulio De Leo's company, and Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, and was presented as a study within Prospettiva Nievskij 2018. I started by investigating the body's states of closure, inspired by Alexander Lowen's work on 'body armor'. The way voltage circuits and short circuits inscribed in the body come between them and movement, flow, and in which way, despite everything, these blocks can be translated into language. I started from a person on the stage with his music to investigate the transformations triggered in a caged body by the physical proximity to the musical threads produced by another human being. By translating the body armors into practices of movement research, I realized that the 'condition of closure of the body' that I was investigating on had exactly to do with loss: it means finding oneself with the stomach completely without energy, it means staggering on uncertain feet, it means curling up in a point in order not to get lost again, it means searching and continuing to search for a way to get back into balance, to reveal the silent areas of the body and of oneself in the light of movement.


Chiara Zilli is a dancer and a film-maker. In 2014, she realizes Io Voglio le Ali Bianche, a documentary focused on the relationship between life and artistic practice, competing at SalinaDoc Fest 2014 and presented at the European Film Festival 2015.

In 2016, she was granted as a co-creator the call for artistic residency from the BIDE (Barcelona International Dance Exchange) festival, the result of which was presented as an experimental study within the GrecFestival at La Caldera of Barcelona in July 2016.

In 2017 she gives life to Flor Menudita, with which she realizes and spreads projects of creative experimentation and contamination of languages that start from the body as a primary research ground: Contemporary Dance, Conscious Movement, Videodance. Together with Flor Menudita, she creates several choreographic projects, including:

September 5, 2016, Teatro Romano, Lecce - Ayeneh

Choreography and dance: Chiara Zilli, Elisa Murrone, Paola Stella, original music: Pejman Tadayon Sufi Ensamble.

2 July 2017, Palazzo Andrioli, Lequile (Lecce) – Quadri che danzano

Choreography and dance: Chiara Zilli, Mariella Rinaldi, music and voice: Pejman Tadayon, Barbara Eramo.

16 – 19 October 2017, Casa Celacanto, Marina Serra, Lecce – Ojos de Mar

Performing residency of video dance, created and led by Chiara Zilli and Ladys Gonzalez, with the support of the Barcelona International Dance Exchange. The short movie produced during the residency, Bordes/Confini was presented and competed at FICE, Festival Internacional Corporalidad Expandida of Buenos Aires 2018.

11 – 15 March 2019, Distillerie De Giorgi, San Cesario di Lecce

Videodance Workshop ‘Lo sguardo del corpo’, created and led by Chiara Zilli within the event ‘Alchimie’, promoted by the International Theatre Institute – I.T.I. Italia. Astragali Teatro, in partnership with I.T.I. Unesco, Teatro Zemrude in collaboration with Flor Menudita, creating the short movie ‘Fervere’.

15 – 21 Semptember 2019, Flor Menudita, Lequile

Videodance workshop led by Chiara Zilli and Ladys Gonzalez dedicated to develop the project ‘Stella Maris’, creative experimentation between a documentary and video dance, a project started in 2015 in Argentina, in the ‘Qom’ reserve of Pampa del Indio, at the border with Praguay.

Between 2016 and 2018, she qualified in integrative bodily processes after a biennial training course called ‘Posgrado Cuerpo y Arte’, at Alas – Artes en Movimiento of Barcellona, a center directed by the dancer and therapist Andres Waksman.

Starting from 2018, she deepens her body/soul investigation activity attending the triennial training program at Gestalt Couseling, Associazione Hermes of Taranto, directed by Pietro Bonanno.

Between 2016 and 2018, she attends the training course Libero Corpo coordinated by Giulio De Leo and receives in April 2018, the residency for the call ‘Cantieri Coreografici’. Her first choreographic study ‘Home’ was presented on April 27 within the showcase ‘Prospettiva Nevskij’.

Her second study, Hom2.0, was hosted in a residency by Città e Corpo at Spazio 13, Bari, in May 2019.

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