From the yogic concept of "non-violence" comes the research on the gesture that, by exploring the mechanisms of love, highlights the dualistic process of every human feeling.

The company of urban dancers tries to find a language that, starting from the metropolitan culture of gesture, combines it with multiple figurative artistic languages also trying to explore the human self to achieve a multifaceted and emotional performing message.

Suspended in a limbic space between the infinity of imagination and the walls of unwritten laws, as ANTIGONE is in the cave, the body is on stage. If conforming to rules and forms makes us feel more lonely, is it really expedient to follow our ideas and take the risk of a tragic and irremediable end? ANTIGONE is a political body, fragile in her humanity, and invites us to surrender, to let go, to understand contrasts.

Matter in the solid state takes its own shape and volume. The constituents of matter are bound by very intense forces that allow only vibrations. The only way to change the shape of a solid is to apply enough strong forces to break the bonds, causing the body to break or shear. How much can a solid body resist to deformation before breaking? 'A flower is not a flower' imagines a deformation that rises from within, seeking out the breaking and tearing to live.